joi, 6 ianuarie 2011

dreams, baby.

what is it with us girls that we just can't get enough of douchebags? and when a nice guy comes along, we just send him and all his cute habits and expectations back to his momma, 'cause then was the time they worked. because nowadays, you can rarely win a girl over with some flowers, cute notes left randomly in her room, many phone calls, nice small presents and looking neat all the time. call me superficial for saying this out loud, but a car, some muscles, fluffy, big hair, texting and sometimes paying for her drink is more likely to work.

hollywood thought us, among other cool stuff like: how cars explode when you shoot them, the bomb won't be defused until the very last second, college is all about parties and how much you can drink, how to separate the "cool people" from the "nerds", etc. that we all get, finally, one way or another, the bad guy we've always secretly loved, and succeed in turning him into a nice guy. personally, i think that by doing that he would have lost all of his charm, but back to the point i was trying to make. so mainly, we spend most time searching for one guy we can fix, so that we could have the "happily ever after" at the end of the film.



we all have faults, both girls and boys, some bigger and some less important, but what we girls do is try to find some hot guy with issues, ['cause we all wish we could be the one that calms him down and keeps him out of a fight, the one that he will stay faithful and loyal to, without ever looking at other girls again, the one that can make him stop smoking, drinking, doing drugs, dangerous sports,whatever] and hope that somehow our influence would be so great and so compelling that he would change his old ways, just so he can be with us, making each of us the "happiest girl in the world", and of course, so all the other bitches would just die of envy. 

and the worst part of it all, we just can't help it. all the girls want a bad guy. there's just something about them.. damn hollywood.

so boys, if you're good guys, somehow good-looking and not a total loser or idiot, listen here: act bad. bitches love bad.

feel free to contradict me if i'm wrong.

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